When you need hydraulic hoses, call Greenwood Hydraulics. We can custom make hose assemblies that adhere to your specific needs. Our hydraulic specialists can also replace your hose assemblies. We carry Gates hydraulic parts and hoses. From standard hoses to custom made hoses, Greenwood Hydraulics is certain to meet the needs of your hydraulic system while offering you the performance, flexibility and durability provided by using hoses.


Our professionals can ensure that you have the right hose for the kind of fluid that will pass through it. We will remove all of the guesswork in choosing the proper hydraulic hoses. We can also help you determine if your system could benefit from the use of hoses as opposed to pipes. For anything involving hydraulic hoses, including custom building or replacement, let our experts at Greenwood Hydraulics help.


Greenwood Hydraulics understands that hydraulic hoses can add operation flexibility and durability to your hydraulic system. In fact, these kinds of hoses can add more protection from abrasion and wear. When constructing hoses that will be used in high pressure hydraulic systems, we use the proper techniques to ensure that your hose will be compatible with the fluid moving through it.

By using hydraulic hoses, the components of your hydraulic system can be positioned in the most convenient and efficient places, allowing for optimumperformance. In constructing the proper hose, our hydraulic specialists always consider the size, temperature, application, materials, pressure capabilities, hose ends and delivery. All of our hydraulic hoses meet current SAE standards. When performance and experience matters, count of Greenwood Hydraulics! Call us at (864) 943-3333 to schedule your appointment or to get an estimate for hydraulic hoses.  We also sell two wire hoses. four wire hoses, and a six wire hoses.

Need a specialized hose? Let Greenwood Hydraulics help.

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